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Skin Boosters

Hydrate and repair

One of the reasons our skin ages is through water loss through the skin surface. Skin Boosters are a fantastic way to reduce this and make your skin look radiant. They don't add volume like a filler, or relax muscle like a toxin.

Teoxane have an unique product Redensity 1 that is a combination of non cross linked hyaluronic acid ( a sugar naturally occurring in our body) which helps hydrate the skin, and their core formula from the skincare range which restores the surface of the skin. This can be used on the fcae, neck, décolletage and the back of the hands.

This treatment is fabulous whatever your age, as it will always make sure the skin looks its best and  will help slow the ageing. It is also excellent to help maintain the results of their other treatments and can be used between appointments.

Skin Boosters: Services
Skin Boosters: Services
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